lenovo a706 can’t flash by sd card

I Try To Do All This StepS To Upgrade Phone BY SD Card But Always Show SD Card Not Found


1. A memory card is required.

*Boot into Android normally.

*Connect your phone to your PC/Laptop with a USB cable and when
asked (or in USB connection settings), please select USB Mass
storage mode to mount SD card.

*On the root of the memory card, create a folder called "sdfuse".

*Unzip the downloaded firmware, you will get a QSB file.

*Copy the QSB file to the sdfuse folder that we created earlier on the
root of SD card.

2. Note: Please make sure that your phone has atleast 60% power before attempting or beginning upgrade. Or keep charger connected during the process.

3. SD card upgrade process:

*Long press VOL UP + POWER_KEY to enter the droidboot,

*A menu will appear. Select the fourth option, SDUPDATE.

*At the bottom of the screen, you can see the progress and status
of the update

*When you see the message "SDCARD UPDATE SUCCESS!!!", this means
you successfully completed the upgrade process

*Now, reboot your device and hopefully it should be updated.

Sd Card Is Work Here Also – 😀

AnyOne Help To Solv My PROBLEM