LG D325 Dead boot repair

I think this is a hard topic. Few tools have solution to this and success rate too low. For me it’s zero. I wanna stable solution and I think we can made with it ATF and need help.

There is a proof someone did. I cannot contact him till now

I try to read dump from alive phone and it’s failed. Bad thing is that alive phone also dead after try to read dump. Please explain me the reason for that if you can… It will help to prevent as like that moment in future.

EMMC connect is so simple… I mean no need another resisters and with correct pinout we can connect it with 4-in-1 adapter.

I wanna help step by step..

How to read 512MB ( it’s 4GB EMMC ) dump from alive phone?

How to write 512MB dump to dead phones?

Kindly asking if anyone have 512MB dump please upload it.


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