LG D325 L70 do not turn on. Help Please

Hello Experts,
A bit of history:
I have an LG L70 D325 . Recently I have had some errors on the phone like the wifi was not working, some apps were crashing so I used LG tool to repair it.
I waited around 3 hours to download a file from LG and then the phone was up running. After a week, I had to reset the phone and received a pink color message error still the phone worked.
Now I got a phone which had an error: Home has stopped working so I tried to restart the phone. As soon as I have restarted the phone, the phone stopped booting.

What I tried:
I tried: Turning on the phone normally.-Nothing.
I also tried resetting using the pattern vol up+power button. Nothing.
I took out the battery and waited 10 seconds and put back it back. Nothing.
I tried to charge it but it has no display to show the progress.
I tried to connect it to the pc with a usb, it does not detect at all.

Help me please what can be done in this situation. Its been only 2 years that I bought this phone and I cant afford to pay for another phone.