LG E980 Repair done but no Download mode work?

LG E980 Repair done but no Download mode work still same

Log started at 2/20/2016 5:30:02 PM …
Welcome to Octoplus JTAG Box Software version 1.9.5
Operating Mode: EasyRepair Mode
Selected device model: LG E980 USB
Connecting. Please wait…
MI: Loading Medusa Device Server V2.USB.
MI: Connecting to Device Server.
MI: Initializing.
MI: Flash ID = 0xE0113001.
Interface : USB
CPU : Qualcomm APQ8064
Storage Device: Unknown eMMC 016G92
Device ID : 00113001
Block size : 512 bytes
Blocks : 30777344
Storage size : 14.7 Gb
Opening "C:\Program Files\Octoplus\Octoplus_JTAG\Firmware\LG_E980_Repa ir.mf" file…
Writing BOOT section. Please wait… Done