LG G3 D851 T-mobile Unlocking Problem

First Of All.

I Try To Solve this Problem By "Direct Unlock" I Thought That This Problem Can Solve With "Direct Unlock" .


2G (GSM Only Work) (3g 4g Not Work)

In HiddenSimUnlockProcess (2945#*851#)

Its Shows

"This Phone Is Permanently Locked And Cannot Be Unlock"

This Problem occurs due to attempt up to 10 Wrong Codes.Now Unlocking By Code Impossible.So I Try "Direct Unlock".


Phone Details When I Unlock It.

Firmware : 10m
Android : 4.4.2

When I Unlock D851 By Direct Unlock Method it Unlock Sucessfully. 🙂

New Problem.

After Unlock 3g 4g Works Great But In "Hiddensimunlockprocess" it show same error
"This Phone Is Permanently Locked And Cannot Be Unlocked’

Than I Upgrade D851 To 20E(5.0.1) It Again Locked. 🙁

Same Problem 2g Work. 3g 4g Not Work.

Please Help Me To Unlock it Permanently.