Lg g3 stylus

i have original lg g3 stylus dead only mtk usb port
i have another one working trying to read full flash and have this error


Reading Flash Content now ...

Brand    : lge
ProdName  : b2lds_global_com
ProdModel : LG-D690
Device    : b2lds
AndroidVer: 5.0.2
MTKxCPU  : MT6582

[Read Ok] : preloader_muse6582_b2l_l.bin
[Read Ok] : MBR
[Read Ok] : EBR1
[Read Ok] : uboot.bin
[Read Ok] : laf.img
[Read Ok] : boot.img
[Read Ok] : recovery.img
[Read Ok] : secro.img
[Read Ok] : logo.bin
[Read Ok] : EBR2
[Read Ok] : EBR3
[Read Stop] : Unknow data!
Make next steps :
1. Use WinRar or 7zip and rar this folder : MT6582__lge__LG-D690__b2lds__5.0.2__ALPS.L0.MP1.TC1SP.V1.4_MUSE6582.S6.L_TMP2
2. Send this archive with title "FWFACT" to rd@infinity-box.com