LG G4 H818P Bricked/Dead While using

Dear All,

A friend have LG G4 H818P the Dual SIM variant, While he was using Facebook the device suddenly turned off, tried to charge it with no hope, can’t enter download mode or hard reset

He gave it to me for a try, i try the old thing with wrapping the phone in a piece of cloth and left it in freezer for 30 minutes – don’t laugh – plugged the battery and the phone is working !!! started with LG logo with no successful boot to main screens just LG Logo.

Once the phone isn’t a freeze cold it wouldn’t turn on !! which is very strange , every time i leave it in freezer for 15 minutes or less it works !!

Will try now to enter the hard reset and do it, also downloading it’s latest KDZ and will try to flash it but any idea what’s happening and how can i solve it ??

Thank You