LG G4 mt6572 dead after flash

A customer broad me a phone LG G4 mt6572 and it was on hang on logo.
first, I did backup the phone’s firmware, then did flash the phone with the firmware "LG G4_MT6572_4.4.2_ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.7" but the flash process give me an error and phone died.
Then I tried flash whit the two another firmware " LG_G4_H815T_MT6572 Scatter File" and "LG_G4_H815T_MT6572 Bin File"
,but again it give me error.
I tried all options of the V3.xxxxx and V5.xxxx of flash tools " download, upgrade, format all+download" but again no result.
After all this steps I tried to format the phone but the process of formatting goes to "100%" but and at the end does not appear the complete
dialog box.
Even I tried short the colo to Gnd but this also didn’t help.At least I want to return the phone to its first condition and I tried to flash the first backup of the phone but, again no result.

Is there any solution for this problem.
I would appreciate if any one could help me whit this.

The following pictures are the errors which gave me while I flashed the backup:

Info by Miracle:


Waiting for USB Port...
  Set MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM9)
  Please Hold "ON" to connect with the phone...
  Connected to Phone.
  CPU: MT6572 SW:0000 Ver: CA01
  Downloading Boot11 ...
  EMMC Size: 0x00EC000000
  Flash Type: EMMC
  INT/EXT RAM  Size: 0x0+0x0
  Reading infr(EMMC)...
  PRELOADER  BaseAddr:0x0  Size:0xC00000
  MBR  BaseAddr:0xC00000  Size:0x80000
  EBR1  BaseAddr:0xC80000  Size:0x80000
  PRO_INFO  BaseAddr:0xD00000  Size:0x300000
  NVRAM  BaseAddr:0x1000000  Size:0x500000
  PROTECT_F  BaseAddr:0x1500000  Size:0xA00000
  PROTECT_S  BaseAddr:0x1F00000  Size:0xA00000
  SECCFG  BaseAddr:0x2900000  Size:0x20000
  UBOOT  BaseAddr:0x2920000  Size:0x60000
  BOOTIMG  BaseAddr:0x2980000  Size:0x600000
  RECOVERY  BaseAddr:0x2F80000  Size:0x600000
  SEC_RO  BaseAddr:0x3580000  Size:0x40000
  MISC  BaseAddr:0x35C0000  Size:0x80000
  LOGO  BaseAddr:0x3640000  Size:0x300000
  EXPDB  BaseAddr:0x3940000  Size:0xA00000
  ANDROID  BaseAddr:0x4340000  Size:0x36000000
  CACHE  BaseAddr:0x3A340000  Size:0xE200000
  USRDATA  BaseAddr:0x48540000  Size:0x40000000
  FAT  BaseAddr:0x88540000  Size:0x62BC0000
  BMTPOOL  BaseAddr:0xFFFF0000  Size:0x1500000
  BaseAddr:0x0  Size:0x0