LG G4 Us cellular Diag MODE CODE HERE

This is for all the Us cellular Lg G4 users that cannot get the Dm mode enabled with the old code.277634#*#. You need Diag Mode to connect CDMA WORKSHOP and other reader/writer software.
it seems after the update to Lollipop and Marshmallow the code has Changed to enable Hidden Menu and so here is the new Code

The Code is *#546368#*MODELNUMBER#

My model Number on the phone im working with was LGUS991 that is Displayed on the hardware INFO screen in about Phone . USE ONLY THE NUMERIC NUMBER
eXAMPLE *#546368#991#
Your Model may be different .
Once you enter the correct code +model Number go to
SVC Menu
Port Check Test
and enable.
You now have DIAG MODE ENABLED and CDMA will read the Com Port assigned to the phone .

If this Information was Helpful please thank me.:cool: