lg ks550 after unlock same problem



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Gathering information

Model name: LG-K550
Model firendly name: LG Stylo 2 Plus T-Mobile (LG-K550)

Android Version: 6.0.1
Firmware Compilation Date: INFOGPRO
Firmware Compilation Time:
Firmware Release Date:
Firmware Release Time: ��

'Port Check Test' is enabled.

IMEI: 358269071795818

Target country: US
Target operator: TMO
Board type: QC_Reference_Phone
RIL version: Qualcomm RIL 1.0
HW Revision: rev_10
Factory version: LGK550AT-00-V10i-TMO-US-AUG-25-2016-ARB00+0

Finished successfully.
Finished at local time: [01.09.17 23:21:02]
WorkID: 16792802


Dial in the following codes on your phone (without pressing call). If the code works a hidden menu will apear. Find the option 'Port Check Test', and set it to 'Enabled'. It is usually in the top menu or in the 'SVC Menu' submenu.

In case you can not get to the hidden menu, or the hidden menu does not contain the option 'Port Check Test', try Factory Reset on the phone.
Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!

Create backup file.
Saving Qualcomm files.
154 files saved.
Saving nv items.
987 item saved.
Waiting for serial port to appear...
Trying to boot the phone into download mode...
Waiting for download mode serial port to appear...

Creating EFS backup...
Waiting for download mode serial port to appear...
Reading EFS partitions. Do not disconnect the phone!
EFS data saved successfully!

Starting Unlock...
EFS clear unlock successful!
Rebooting into normal mode to re-write original IMEI!
Waiting for modem port to appear...
    IMEI rewrite failed.: Serial port init failed. - retrying in 10 seconds...
IMEI Rewritten! 000000000000000 -> 358269071795818
Restoring modem calibrations
Waiting for diag serial port to appear...
    Please make sure 'Port Check Test' is enabled on the phone!
Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!

Restore the config files.
0 files saved.

Restore the rf files.
126 files saved.

Restoring the nv items.
640 nv items restored.
Unlock finished!

Finished successfully.
Finished at local time: [01.09.17 23:23:02]
WorkID: 16792814

after phone unlock it same locked to t-mmobile any solution?