LG L80 d380 dbi err fatal.how to fix?

It was the purple-screen error when I entered firmware upgrade mode (S/W upgrade, hold vol+ then connect usb), it means that there is no "firmware upgrade mode" for this condition….
here is the problem:

DBI Err Fatal!
DemiGod Crash Handler : DBI Err Fatal!

Board Rev.: 1.1
Ram dump mode
Option: SD Card Ram dump mode
Push below files to sdcard before test,
rdcookie****, rtcookie.txt

please do folowing action
1) Ram dump mode please connect usb
2) Get the ram dump image using OPST configuration
3) If sdcard ram dump enable just wait for reboot
4) Collect ramdump files from your pc or sdcard
5) Send email to WX-BSP-TARGET@lge.com

pl show me solutions fix.thanks all