LG LS996 After unlock no servise

LG LS996 After unlock no servise with Octopus box



Checking data…OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port:
Selected model: LS996
Reading info…
Initializing ADB…OK
Waiting for phone…OK
Model ID: LGLS996
Firmware version: LGLS996AT-00-ZV8-SPR-US-AUG-18-2015+01
Kernel version: 3.10.49-perf-g0cbdd0d-00004-g9e64c19
(lgmobile@LGEARND6B7) (gcc version 4.9.x-google 20140827
(prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Aug 18 14:01:32 KST 201
Android version: 5.1.1
Hardware: Qualcomm Technologies, Inc MSM8994 AArch64 Processor rev
2 (aarch64)
Please, type ##3424# to get SPC / MSL / Service Code…OK
Input 120841, go to "Diag" menu and select "Enable" option.
Found model LS996ZV8:ÿd at port COM223
Reading info…
Model ID: LGLS996
IMEI: 355868-06-142747-3
Android version: 5.1.1
Battery level: 21%
Mode: Normal
Firmware compiled date: Jun 12 2015
Firmware compiled time: 12:00:00
Firmware released date: Aug 18 2015
Firmware released time: 14:01:22
SW Version: MPSS.BO.2.0.1.c3.2-00027-M8994FAAAANAZM-1
IMEI: 355868-06-142747-3
SPC: 120841
MEID: 35586806142747
Mobile ESN: 80D42FC1
SSD_A: 0000000000000000
SSD_B: 0000000000000000
AKEY: 3670084112545864773
OTKSL: 325059
NAM Name: Sprint
User Lock Code: 9505
Sending unlock files…
Switching to Download mode…OK
Initializing flash…OK
Reading partition…OK
Creating Carrier backup…OK
Phone successfully unlocked!