Lg nexus 5x dead

I have a dead Nexus 5x 16GB. Random reboots occurred first. I was unable to turn it on after that.
When I connected charger there was red light blinking once for let’s say ten seconds. I managed to turn it on after battery reconnect. It booted to the point where I had to enter password to start the device. When I pressed first letter it froze (keyboard was still on display). After some time phone returned me LK dump with error code 0x6d630600. I was not able to shut it down with power button. I had to disconnect the battery. After that no lights at all.(pressing power button, connecting to charger). I tried all the steps regarding the deep hibernate mode. No success at all.

I have to restore my data which is encrypted by default. Ideas I have in my mind.

1. Repair the phone somehow?

2. Create binary NAND dump with JTAG. I know there is no jtag controller in that device but it is possible to find it with boundary scan? What toolbox can you suggest me to do NAND dumps via jtag?
It would be perfect if it is compatible with many phones. Referring to google’s android source documentation about storing encryption keys. I am not going to be able to mount encrypted Nand because I am going to miss unique hardware key which is stored in SoC. I am going to send chip to laboratory where they do chip decapping to extract me die image and after that I try to extract encryption key material.

3. Desolder NAND and SoC and solder it to new device?

What do you think and do you have any other idea in mind? Can you suggest me some good phone service where they are not going to tell me that my motherboard is dead and try to replace it but they would repair it?