Lg p760 imei repair reading info need help plz

model : L760
when i repair imei for this phone phone get dectected with lg octopus software but after sending loader..ok show reading info and below show phone disconnected
doing all this process first i go to port setting from there enable cp reset but not connecting properly . here is the log also done flashed before repairing imei please help me with to sorted this issue .

Checking data…OK
Platform: LG Infineon
Connection mode: Modem
Selected model: P760
Initializing device…OK
Please, power phone ON, connect P990 cable (with 56k resistor), type
3845#*760#, go to "Port Setting", select "CP Reset" (or "CP Image
download") and click "OK"…OK
Sending preloader…OK
Sending loader…OK
Reading info…