LG Pro Lite Dual (D686) Help! Urgent, please :(

Hello guys,

I’ve got an LG G Pro Lite Dual (D686) and since I rooted it, the back and front cameras stopped working on applications such as Facebook Messenger(Gives green lines) and it just crashes applications like Instagram and recently Snapchat.

I’ve read on the internet that I need to flash it to the original firmware or KDZ or Kitkat? But, I’ve went to a link that has the flashing roms of all LG devices, but the files on this phone (LG D686) aren’t found, they’ve must been deleted for some reason.. All of them.

What I need is to know if you could guys upload or give me a link to download the latest LG D686 rom/firmware (Original un-rooted) file? And if there is any way to fix the camera problem. Camera problem is the main reason why I want to re-flash my phone to the stock/original LG rom of Kitkat.

Could you please help me? I’m lost and I don’t know what to do about this :(. I really need to fix it.