LiveSuit IMG (Linux experts only)

Hi all.

I’m not able to create an image file for LiveSuit to flash an A10 Allwinner based tablet.
have been following tons of tutorials but Linux to me is something too hard
GNU Open Source Device Porting: How to allwinner image building or packing A10 / Allwinner/Unpacking and building LiveSuit images

I already have dumped the firmware images with Uberizer software but I need to create this IMG file for LiveSuit, ,PhoenixSuit or PhoenixCard programs

it’s very simple to flash Rockchip tablets with RK Android Tool but this process doesn’t work on Allwinner based tablets unfortunately.

the question is: could someone here make a LiveSuit image for me ? 🙂

I just have to upload the dumped images boot, bootloader, data, recovery, system…