LS980 and LS990 MEID repair issue

Trying to repair IMEI on these phones. After successful IMEI repair, the MEID does not match with IMEI. So while trying to repair MEID, get erroe: send spc…failed.
Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software version 2.1.4

Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM22
Selected model: LS990
Reading info…
Mode: Normal
Firmware compiled date: Aug 06 2014
Firmware compiled time: 17:00:00
Firmware released date: Nov 7 2014
Firmware released time: 20:47:55
SW Version: MPSS.DI.2.0.1.c1.13-00018-M8974AAAAANPZM-
IMEI: 352596-*********
SPC: 768223
MEID: 35030526000000
Mobile ESN: 808D1BB1
OTKSL: 808118
NAM Name: Sprint
MDN: 703-582-0850
User Lock Code: 0850
SID/NID: 4139 / 65535
MCC: 310
MNC: 00
MIN1: *******
MIN2: ***
Send SPC…Failed!