lumia 630 flight mode.

Device catched in BOOT mode!
Boot Mode confirmed!
Setting Preloder
Collect Info…
Setting Application
Setting Secure
Collect Info…
=== Nokia Flash App info :
Protocol Version : 2.34
Protocol Implementation : 2.57
=== Phone Initial info :
Phone RMxxx ID : RM-978
Phone Model ID : Nokia.MSM8226.P6112.2.0
Phone Model PC : 059V994
Phone IMEI : 35427106xxxxxxx
=== eMMC info :
eMMC Vendor : Samsung
eMMC CID : 0015
eMMC Size : 7456 MiB
=== Security Initial info :
Security Status : 010100000101
Secure Boot : Enabled
Secure eFUSE : Enabled
JTAG : Disabled
RDC Key : Not Present (Retail)
UEFI SBoot : Enabled
SecHW Key : Exists
Device RootKey : 24992314394C54B74827E99157E176F9023393E5
=== Other info :
SD present : False

Full Check skipped , will be checked by ImageSignature

Battery Level : 11%
[Info] : Battery level is low, but ignored in settings. Continue at user risk.
Battery Level enough to flash

FFU : RM978_02040.00021.15235.50004_RETAIL_prod_signed_1 046_026F3F_000-IN.ffu
Flashing FFU
Sending FFU Header CertData
Header sent , accepted 🙂
Perform Data Partition Erase
Erase done
Sending FFU Payload Data…
Finishing flashing

Flashing done!
Green Light 🙂

Image Sent, processing PostFlash
Make Factory Set : Ok
Restore RAMBkp : Ok
Update ProductCode to : 059V994
ProductCode update Done!
Update NVI from Image
Ok , NVI will be updated on first boot!
PostFlash Finished

Total flash time : 00:11:03


Connect phone on selected interface…

imei it shows OK in phone .

still same flight mode. ??? i purchased this dongle for flight mode problem solutions. :confused::confused: