lumia dead while flashing

it came for unloking then i tried to flash coz it was not comming in test mode then now dead

..i m just flashing it with recovery flashing but no luck plz help


FFU : RM1089_02074.00000.15234.28004_RETAIL_prod_signed_1071_025F28_VOD-GB.ffu
Flashing FFU
Sending FFU Header CertData
Header sent , accepted 🙂
Perform Data Partition Erase
Error : 06 : Data Partition Not Found! Seems as damaged
Will Fix partitions by flash whole image
Sending FFU Header CertData
Header sent , accepted 🙂
Skip Data Partition Erase
Sending FFU Payload Data...
Error, stop at : 0x000E , reason : NO ACK !!!
Connection broken due some HW reasons ( like empty battery or cable ) or drivers problem!
Red Light 🙁
Error during flashing!
[Info] : Check previous message carefully , follow given advises
[Info] : Recommended to not power off device, if it shows "RED SCREEN"
[Info] : After problems will be fixed - tick "Recovery" and repeat flashing again!

Connect phone on selected interface...