m8 ul cannot install twrp

hgelp cannoty install twrp for this m8
fone in logo only mode
unlocked bootloader , tried cwm but cannot install cwm.zip
after install fone reboots to cwm recovery and donot boot normally
need help


evice Info
  Security status: S-ON
  Model Id:        0P6B16000
  Custom Id:      ROGER001 (Rogers)
  Serial number:  SH458WM02827
  Product:        m8_ul
  IMEI:            351690xxxxxxxx
  Platform:        hTCBmsm8974
  Bootloader ver:
  Baseband ver:    1.29.214500021.11G
  Cpld verersion:  None
  Microp version:  None
  Main version:    6.13.631.7
  Battery Status:  good
  Battery Volt:    0mV
  PartitionLayout: Generic
  Commitno bl:    76df2b54
  Hbootpreupdate:  11