Mediacom SmartPad 9.7 m-95s23gw bootloop

Hi. I have a tablet Mediacom SmartPad 9.7 m-95s23gw stuck in boot loop. When I try to write file downloaded from the official website I receive error "assert failed: !less_than_int(1378722026, getprop(""))" when trying to rewrite the firmware from card – stock recovery. I think the tablet has been rooted and from here the error.
I edited including the first line of the file "updater-script" to not check the version any more, and does not give the error "assert failed" but says "instalation aborted".
The tablet has a Amlogic AML8726-MX processor and on the pcb is writen M1006AG1_MB_V1.3 and then on another paper label M1006AG2-WD 314 V1.3Q
Does anyone have a firmware for that pcb that can be written with LiveSuit?