Merapi Tool read flash problem not solved

I make thread but closed before solve problem.

I try read flash by Merapi Tool and this not work. I get:

>>Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable.
09:49:36 > Connecting…
09:49:36 > CPU TYPE:MT6583/89
09:49:36 > Hardware version:CA01
09:49:36 > Software version:0001
09:49:36 > SecCfgVal :0x00000000
09:49:36 > BromVersion :0xFF
09:49:36 > BLVersion :0x01
>>Boot downloading complete!

But software not read flash. No other message after this.

Merapi not read flash from this Acer A1-811 but I can read flash by SPFT only this one version can read flash from this model:

Problem is very low speed read flash by SPFT. Start read high speed and after ~150MB readed speed is very very low. Please check this SPFT and make update to Merapi for this model.