Mi3 wcdma (msm9874)


I am having all sorts of trouble with this MI3, and i am now stuck with some corrupted partitions. More specifically mmcblk0p12 , 13 and 16. This all happened during an update to 6.0.1 and everything went downhill from there.

I am without a backup (who knew i needed a backup to upgrade a phone from lollipop to marshmallow.. >.<)

Anyway, from what i have read around, i need either a backup of those partitions from a fresh mi3 device, or i need a QCN fil wich i can flash with QPST.

I have the tools, and i know how to flash it. I just dont have either of the files needed to flash, so basically i am stuck.

Are there any kind souls here who can help me out with this? This is my daughters phone, and i really need to get it fixed for her, as i cannot afford a new phone.

Thank you so much in advance!