Micromax a107 lollipop version pettrn lock done without adb

micromax a107 lollipop version pettrn lock done without adb


action : Format userdata.
Selected 0-by cpu:mt6571_emmc
exe version: Nckbox androidmtk
reinsert phone battery.
Battery must be charged.
Phone must be off with battery inside.
Please insert usb cable now…
Detected : Preloader usb vcom port (com10)
phone detected…please wait
sending da agent, please wait…
Baseband cpu :mt6582_s01
baseband cpu secure version : Ff
baseband cpu bootloader version : 01
int ram: 128 kb sdram
ext ram: 1 gb dram
emmc: (58gb+8192mb) samsung 0x513758534142
emmc fw version: 01:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
emmc cid: 15010051375853 : 000000000000000000
emmc ua size: 0x1d2000000
boot style: Emmc boot
full length: 0x1d2880000 [7.290 gb]
detecting high speed port, wait……
If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
If not need high speed port, disable it.
After repeat opperation.
Detecting high speed port, wait……
Detected : Da usb vcom port (com24)
detecting format adress….wait!

Format emmc flash : Begin: 0x77900000 – len: 0x10400000
format emmc flash : Begin: 0x87d00000 – len: 0x149680000
phone can start slow at first power on
if phone stuck on logo, perform wipe from recovery.
First start can take up to 5 min on some phones.
Wait untill phone will start charging.