miracle box beginers guide

i am completely stranded. my miracle box is of version 2.35 a. posting screenshots here is a nightmare too. i have tried and done my part, so i decided to do a fresh install of xp sp 3 on 512 ram 40gb machine the box is registered
please help a brother here
1) are my system specs compatible?
2) do i install 2.36 or 2.35a software
3) what comes first in installation, drivers or software?
4)does the order of comports matter?
5)what is miracle boot key?
6)when inserting an android phone, do u press volume down or volume up?
7) keypad phone, do u press power or *#
8)apart from drivers on amiracle , are there any additional drivers?
9)is internet connectivity required during program booting or during flashing also?
10) can rj45 cable b used for android phones or keypad phones?
11) in above, do u tick usb mode or pinouts?
12)when software indicates waiting for usb, what is the most likely check issue?
13) any settings done on the pin outs area?
14) any other thing you think i shld know

thanks you