Mkey 8.3.2 Build 30 JAN 2016 Huawei v4 Diret Unlock & Flashing more models Added!


Almost new Huawei V3 & V4 – Direct UNLOCK / Unlock 0 Counter & IMEI REPAIR for no customized FW ADDED!

For customied FW use Write Normal compatible FW and next do Unlock or imei repair.

– New Huawei MDM Flashing E5330, E5330S, E5330BWs, E5375, E5377s, E5377BWs, E5377TS, E5383, E5573S,
E5577S, E5578S, E5878S, E8238BWs, E8278, E8372H, E8377.

– New ZTE AC2746, AC2766, AC3633, AC3635, AC3781, 3200 PEELREBUILD EFS ADDED! Now u can erace EFS
for write new NVM, ESN and more …

Huawei CDMA Modems Repair MEID Added.

Mkey v8.3.2 Build 30.JAN.2016 [Beta] – GSM-Forum