mobire f1 – meo portugal – how to unlock ?

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can anyone give more details how to unlock this model ?

pack used, software and selected option(s).

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Originally Posted by manbir (Post 11604606)
Using library Brom_DLL_v5.1316.1
Searching phone;
(for some models keep SPACE or * (STAR) key pressed before inserting the cable)
Phone detected (MTK USB Port (COM141))
Preparing to start meta mode;
Meta mode entered;
Baseband Chip: MT6261
Sw version: V05_20151109_F1_ALTICE_XB50_MP
Hw Version: SAGETEL61M_11C_HW
Reading phone info;
IMEI: 355606-07-002498-4
Reading security;
Writing security;
Phone unlocked; Remove battery and cable;

Time needed – 00:00:10

Log file saved to: LOG_5_02_2016_17_35_35.txt

BR / Manbir