Mods please look into this guy – Recekesh from bangladesh


This guy RECEKESH from bangladesh is insane,

First he send me 1500+ IMEI for semi premium. ( he holds the client imeis for 2 days already) . and asked me to do urgently, I told him 1-3 days already and he said okay process, after 24 hours he started forcing me to cancel the list as he wasn’t able to hold the client, Anyhow I gave him unlocked list before 72 hours

Next thing -> out of 1500, 250+ of them are NON-ATT ? like 20%, now is asking me for refund for that. I told him that no refunds for NON-ATT still he wants refund and wants to pay for unlocked imeis only. if thats 10-20 we can understand, but its 250+ non-att imeis

and the drama doesn’t end here
He sent me a IMEI list of 443 IMEIs and asked me to process them urgently
I sent to source immediately and got them done in 36 hours. After 2 days he says that imeis were unlocked already at my server and I cannot pay again for this. He is just clearly trying to scam me.

and the drama still doesn’t end here.
He said there are 400 imeis locked. I told him to verify them on site, instead he keep sending on mails, when I asked him to send verify on site or no refund, he clicked verify on imeis serial wise which are unlocked already ( few of them are locked though / and non-att’s)

I’m pretty much pissed off right now with that guy. He didn’t pay me a cent till now. I asked mods / admins to take against this user. I can provide every screenshot if needed.