Moment of truth !

Hello all GSM Folks.

i really dont know what to say !!!
every day and all the time i see complaints about GPG Products and inferno


i dont remember how much i paid for merapi but i swear to *** i made that amount of money in the first month after i activated My Merapi and now after almost a year i made lots of money from Merapi so whats wrong if u pay a little to our developers who made these great tools ???

Do u think that they are (GPG developers) living on WATER only ?
Do u think that they dont have families need money for their living ?

or all u think about is ur pocket without thinking how many days or months it takes to develop a tool like Merapi or Inferno with a great security !

I wrote this because i didnt see any loyalty from any user of Merapi and Volcano and i havent seen any one who defend inferno or merapi before !!!

All i saw is a cry babies who want free stuff all the time who like to take without give

Sorry if this post will annoy any one but that is the truth !

For me , Volcano , Merapi was the best tool in my shop , from the money i get from them i made my living and feed my family so what is wroong if i pay 15 or 50 $ to activate Inferno as long as i will get my money back in less than a month?!!!

Thank You GPG for the great tools and thank u for the time u give for us from the bottom of my heart.

A loyal user to GPG Industries and all developers !