motorola DROID RAZR HD no imei after Repair imei operation

I was trying to repair imei on motorola DROID RAZR HD and after operation finiched, the phone has no IMEI

how can I fix this now?


SigmaKey v.2.19.00
678373XXX Sigma dongle 2.19, Initializing...OK
Pack 1: Activated
Pack 2: Activated
--------- 2016-09-16 21:14:07 ---------
SigmaKey 2.19.00 ADB: Repair IMEI
* daemon not running. starting it now *
* daemon started successfully *
^ Android Composite ADB Interface
Version: Linux version 3.4.42-g4ee8163 (dbbuild@ca88lnxdroid25) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 2 02:55:27 PDT 2014
Phone model: motorola DROID RAZR HD
Android 4.4.2; Firmware: KDA20.62-10.1; Date: Fri May  2 02:41:20 PDT 2014
Version: KDA20.62-10.1
Baseband Firmware: VANQUISH_BP_100731.020.64.21P
Obtaining root privileges...NO
Date: Mar  6 2014 17:30:25, Mar 05 2014 23:00:00, AAAAANAZ
IMEI: 99000246761XXXX
SPC: 000000
Security area saved to "C:\Users\home\Documents\SigmaKey\security backup000246761XXXX_motorola_DROID RAZR HD_KDA20_62-10_1.skb"
Repaired IMEI:990002467612881
Restarting phone...Done

is there a way to write back the security backup? otherwise what is this file made for?