Motorola Moto E2 Unlock Problem

i Have this problem when i am trying unlock this model


Device Detected…
model:= MotoE2(4G-LTE)
Androids Version:= 5.1
Description Version:= surnia_cricket-user 5.1 LPI23.29-18.9 11 release-keys
Platform:= msm8916 [ qcom ] [ msm ]
Baseband:= M8916_2020602. SURNIA_ATT_CUST
Network Mode := LTE
Simstatus:= ABSENT
ANDROID-ID = TA09308PLF_0000C2E57B
Device is not rooted

Motorola Unlock Started..
Fail to read imei..

!!! Fail !!!!
Restart Phone if not auto…
Total Time Take…00:00:00
Log Saved