Motorola XT1022 (Moto E 3G DS Condor) Unknown Baseband / IMEI null

Flash with UFST ……..

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Motorola XT1022 (Moto E 3G DS Condor) at USB [FASTBOOT] {Write Flash}
Bundle: flashfile.xml
Model: condor
Version: condor_retaildsds-user 4.4.4 KXC21.5-40 46 release-keysMSM8610BP_1034.307.26.02P
No.of Operations: 17
getvar max-sparse-size
oem fb_mode_set
Writing partition gpt.bin 32.768 Byte(s)
INFO This may take a few seconds, if a
INFO different partition table is being
INFO flashed since we need to backup
INFO and restore a few partitions
INFO Flashing primary GPT image…
INFO Flashing backup GPT image…
Writing motoboot motoboot.img 1.709.056 Byte(s)
INFO flashing tz …
INFO flashing rpm …
INFO flashing sdi …
INFO flashing aboot …
INFO flashing sbl1 …
Writing logo logo.bin 471.389 Byte(s)
Writing boot boot.img 10.444.800 Byte(s)
Writing recovery recovery.img 10.526.720 Byte(s)
Writing system system.img_sparsechunk.0 248.906.280 Byte(s)
Writing system system.img_sparsechunk.1 263.428.844 Byte(s)
Writing system system.img_sparsechunk.2 206.550.864 Byte(s)
Writing modem NON-HLOS.bin 47.239.168 Byte(s)
Erasing modemst1
Erasing modemst2
Writing fsg fsg.mbn 664.576 Byte(s)
Erasing cache
Erasing userdata
oem fb_mode_clear
All Done in 02:26.985
rebooting normally