Motorola XT1541 cant unlock

Hi GSM Server team i cant unlock Motorola XT1541 with sigma box phone did not ask qualcomm driver only ask moto g3 drivers that cant be install
i also follow this instr

Select "Qualcomm" platform from the tab menu in the upper left side of the software
"Phone model" dropdown menu has to be set to "Autodetect"
Go to "Unlock" tab
Set the phone to the special mode:
Turn the phone OFF
Press Vol -, Power ON, then release Power ON button
Select BP Tools in the appeared menu, then confirm selection with Vol+ button
Connect the phone to PC using USB cable
Install required USB Driver (only if the phone is connected for the first time)
Select QC Diag port in the ports selection tab
Press "Unlock" button
The message "Done" indicates that the procedure has been completed successfully
Wait for the message "Restarting phone… Done" to appear in Sigma dialog window; only after that you can turn off the phone

And also see these link but no luck…ck-ok-2083028/

Help me how can solve this issu