MS323 can’t be flashed after repair with Medusa Pro.

I repaired an LG MS323 with Medusa Pro. Repair process was successful. When i tried to flash the phone, it does not enter in Download Mode. It remains in the same status before repair process. The following port appear on my PC: HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM57). I tried to flash it but i can not do it.

Please, anybody could help me?

This is the log of repair process:

Please disconnect battery and USB cable.

Selected device model: LG MS323.
Selected file: C:/SALVAR OJOOOO MEDUSA PRO/Lemay\lg_ms323.srf.
eMMC interface selected.
Page size : 512 b
Block size : 512 b
Block count : 7634944
Size : 3728.00 MB
Device : Hynix eMMC H4G1d
CID Info

CID : 90014A4834473164040503A1B21A4131
Manufacturer ID : 0X90
Device/BGA : BGA(Discrete embeded)
OEM/Application ID : 0X4A
Product name : H4G1d
Product revision : 0.5
Product serial number : (hex)3A1B21A
Manufacturing date : 04/2014
CSD Info

CSD : D02701320F5903FFFFFFFFEF8A4040D3
CSD structure : CSD version No. 1.2
SPEC version : 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.41, 4.5,
4.51, 5.0, 5.01, 5.1
Data read access time1: 15 ms
TRAN speed : 26 MHz
READ block length : 512 Bytes
WP group enable : YES

Revision 1.6 (for MMC v4.5, v4.51)
Boot1 size : 4096 Kbytes
Boot2 size : 4096 Kbytes
RPMB size : 4096 Kbytes
Boot partition enable : Device not boot enabled (default)

Partition config : 00000000
Backup EXT_CSD saved to file C:/Program Files/Medusa Pro Software/EXT_CSD Backups/H4G1d_02_08_2016_19_21_22.bin.
Connect successful.
Writting GPT partition… Done.
Writting modem partition… Done.
Writting sbl1 partition… Done.
Writting rpm partition… Done.
Writting tz partition… Done.
Writting sdi partition… Done.
Writting aboot partition… Done.
Writting rpmb partition… Done.
Writting tzb partition… Done.
Writting abootb partition… Done.
Writting pad partition… Done.
Writting modemst1 partition… Done.
Writting modemst2 partition… Done.
Writting CustomPart partition… Done.

Smart Repair is successfully complete.
SW: 1.1.5; FW: 1.10.