my sony c2305 stuck on boot loop , not detected by computer in flash mode

i have sony c2305
i put it in charger for about 6 hours after that
the phone showed only a black screen and a red light
i uncover the back buttom and removed the battery then plug it again
the phone stuck at the sony logo for about 10 seconds then reboot again
also tryed the reset pin put nothing happened the phone still stuck on boot loop
i tryed to flash it put the computer dont recognized in flash mode
i have a windows 7 laptop
i opened device manager and it show nothing when i plug the phone into the pc in flash mode not even unknown device so i think it is not a driver issue
now i can only boot in to recovery mode
the phone is not rooted and i did not enable usb debugging mode before the problem happend

pls anybdy help me its urgent…thank advance