N7000 replace EMMC repair procedure (Q)

May i ask for the procedure after replace brand new EMMC Chip?

what i have already done..
1. samsung factory format
2. write EXT_CSD from backup
3. set partition to boot1 and write boot1
4. set partition to boot2 and write boot2
5. set partition to user area and write user area
6. change default boot partition to boot1

the phone still won’t go to download mode or turn on.
the hardware replacement procedure are confirm 100% ok. the emmc removal are using dremel tool to grind the old emmc. no over heat.
the only stupid thing i do are forget to backup boot1, boot2 and user area..

from the my flashing procedure anything wrong there?
please any advice will be very apreciate..
Thanks in Advance

link of the file on top
Pass: vietfones

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