N910C security damage REAL SOLUTION 100%

Hi guys, after try a lot of "solutions" finally found the right one who really works…

if you got the N910c with SECURITY DAMAGE problem, and cant write cert because of that

just select MODEL N900A

write cert of N910C

Operation: Write CERT
Selected model: SM-N900A
Selected port: COM5 USB Serial Port
Software version: 22.7

Checking certificate file… OK
KEY ID: 0065
Waiting ADB device… OK
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-N910C
Android version: 4.4.4
Product code:
Phone version: N910CXXU1ANJ4
PDA version: N910CXXU1ANJ4
CSC version: N910CTFG1ANJ4
CSC country code: OPEN
CSC sales code: TFG
HW version:
Phone S/N:
Modem board: DB7450R
RF cal date: 1234.56.78
Incorrect model selected. This may damage your phone. Continue? Yes
Initialization AT RIL… OK
Bypass MSL… OK
Checking for compatible phone and cert… OK
Phone KEY ID: 0065
Writing CERT… OK
Checking CERT status… OK
Rebooting phone… OK

voila! thats work good, after try hundreds of solutions sugested thats the one who really works. 😀 🙂

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