N910F Successful Unlock/Repair

Hy everyone!

In the was arisen the question that can NsPro do Galaxy n910f?
And today a got such device and tested!

Now i tried first with 5.0.1 but not work because when NsPro asked me that select DM+MODEM+ADB mode ,the pc can not recognize the phone and i got the answer:

Operation Failed

(The Phone was rooting with SU 2.46 )

Then i tried with android 4.4.4 (N910FXXU1ANJ4)
[You can download here: Dev-Host – XEF-N910FXXU1ANJ4-20141016–www.SamSony.net–.zip – The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service ]

The root it was very difficult for me therefore a write short what to do :
1. Flash 4.4.4 (N910FXXU1ANJ4)
2. Flash this custom twrp recovery : https://dl.twrp.me/trltexx/twrp-
3. Then put the phone recovery mode ,and reboot system ,and it ask from you that you want install su ,and select yes.
4. The phone turn on and there in the menu one application,it name is : Supersu Installer ,Open and select TWRP
5. The phone will download the super su and install in recovery ,automatically.
6. Open the super su and disable down the KNOX.
7. Done!

Imre Repair:

1. Select your the certification file in NsPro
2. Put in your phone DM+MODEM+ADB mode.
3. Enable the NSpro on your phone (ADB Shell) ,and you will get the result:

And the Unlock:

Tested 1000% worked!!