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Ver 2.2.2 R2 New Features Added

Whats New ??

1.All Clients Email Contents Are Edit able Now

2.Clients Can Buy Credits Through Clients Area or Not Enable / Disable (if Disable your clients will get your contact details on buy credits page )

3.New Clients Can Sign Up or Not Enable / Disable (if Disable your clients will get your contact details for contact you and open account on your website )

4.Clients Can Create Support or Not Enable / Disable (if Disable your clients will get your contact details for contact details for resolve support issues )

Special CMS options for theme 5

5.Theme 5 Backgrounds Images Are Change Able Now from admin panel

6.Theme 5 Home page Images Change

7.Live chat enable disable for clients Area Optional Now

8.Added Flag Counter Option for add flag counter on home page directly without edit home page with enable disable option

9.Assign Fields to services directly with without edit services

10.Added Text Box for Register page you can add unlimited new fields as a text box on Register page with Mandatory or non Mandatory optional

11.Romanian Language Added

12.Support Ticket System Improved More

13.Site open speed 10X fast now

Before Added In Ver 2.2.2 R1
1.New Design More Easy and professional Clients Area
2.Mobile responsiveness clients area
3.Mobile responsiveness Improved for admin
4.Admin Panel Graphics Improved
5.Services Add & Edit More Professionally
6.Now Add Clients Groups Prices When Add or Edit Services
7.View Discounted Users On Services Edit
8.Orders Reply Now More Easy & professional Way
9.Improved Search & Search Bars
10.clients Can verify IMEI orders optional
11.clients Can verify file orders optional
12.clients Can verify Server orders optional
13.update all users for login allows from other countries
14.Assign Text Fields To IMEI Services From Admin
15.Reset all Clients Passwords in 1 short
16.Update Services Prices Without Edit Services
17.Mass Update All Services Prices
18.Printable Invoices For Clients
19.Genie API Connect ADDED (More API Connects Coming Soon)
20.Assign Text Fields to Services Now More Easy
21.Assign text fields for register page
22.add marquees more easy

Before Added in Ver 2.2.2

1.Theme 4 & IOS Style Theme 5 Added With box & Width 2 Options
2.Smart Search Added for Menu In Admin Panel
3.Powerful Support Ticket System Added for conversion between clients and admin
4.Google Analytic Code Add Option Added
5.Marquee Slider Added For Home Page Header
6.New Orders Emails To Admin Or User Option Now From Admin Panel Settings
7.Now Auto Active Users Will Get Active With Verify Link In Mail
8.Now Site Visitors Able To Change Language of Home Page
9.Import users For Mail Chimp
10.Easy Fast Bulk Reply Added
11.Show/ Hide Price Without Login
12.See Top 5 Users By Each Currency In Admin Panel
13.Users Now Able To Signup With Select Language For His Accounts
14.Now Admin Able To See How Many And Which Users are In Which Price Group
15.Connect API With Unlimited NAKSHSOFT & Dhru Webs
16.View Service Info Without Login
17.Users Passwords Rest Via Click Url In Email
18.Quick Pop up login for users
19.Printable Invoices For Users
20.Remove Services from any user account which you dnt want to sell that user

Example Sites

.:: TechniSoft Unlocks ::.
Direct Source ::: iPHONE Unlocking Server :::
Trust Unlock
London Technologies | Serwer simlock

Orders System
IMEI Orders
File Orders
Server Orders
with multiple currencies

Clients Management
easy clients management clients Prices Group For Your Vip Users (Make Group With Prices Just Put Clients in group and reflect vip prices)
clients ip log report
clients mail log report
clients statement
clients order history
remove particular service to particular client account
invoices user wise & admin wise

Payment Methods
Paypal Mass
Money Bookers
Bank Transfer
Weston union

Supported Api Servers
Connect API With ANY Naksh-Soft Unlock-Fusion Website
Connect API With ANY Dhru-Fusion site
Connect API With ANY IMEI NETWORK site
Connect API With ANY genie site

More API Servers Connect Coming Soon

bind clients profile with particular ip address
bind clients with country ip address
block ip address for access your website
auto block clients account & ip after failure login attempts (you able to set login attempts 1 to 10 in your admin panel for all clients)
admin panel protected with .htaccess
all user passwords encrypted with latest security

live chat
you will able to add live chat script on your website like zopim etc…

cms system
our cms system will allows change able codes status names
our cms system will allows to add user email templates for send email to particular user
our cms system will allows you to change banner, logos,social media, text etc of your site
our cms system will allows you to add new pages on your site
our cms system will allows you to change your site name,copyrights etc..

here only few main features listed check our demo site for more use-full features

Admin Panel

Naksh-Soft | Admin Login
* Username: admin
* Password: admin

User Panel
* Username: demo
* Password: demo

for more info
contact : [email protected]
Skype : jk.tara