need flash file for chinies nokia 107

hello i need the following flash file


CUST23C_09A_PCB01_GPRS_MT6223P_S00.L107_V1.28_L003 .BIN

following are the fone details


Hardware version:8A05
  Software version:8A00
  CPU TYPE:6223
  Internal version:0000
  CPUID  :C5AF0C00
  Boot downloading complete!
  Flash ID: 0098004900000000
  Flash Type:  NOR_TV00560002DDGB     
  Chip Capacity: 0x1000000(16MB)
  Mobile phone software version for:GOTECH_L107_V1.28_L003
  Baud adjust...complete.
  This detected file is not encrypted and it¡¯s safe to write data.

plz hlp, formattinf the phone isnt helping in repair, the phone is restarting

thanx in advance