Need Flash I8552 MT6572__samsung__GT-I8262__GT-I8262__4.1.2__ALPS.JB3.MP.V1

Phone work but unfortunately the process com android phone has stopped


Have Backup FF And Scatter

After Flash Phone Restart Try To Write Backup But Restart ?


Here the same problem


Originally Posted by Nasir Mobiles (Post 11337531)

Samsung i8552 printed back sticker and inside firmware is i8262 like this link

so phone was with play store issue I did backup scatter with CM2MTK

did format phone hang on logo.

write backup ff but same hang on logo.

I get same backup from gsmhosting but same hang on logo.

with sp flasher all done but in last S_CHKSUM_ERROR (1041) with both files.

too many ff flashed but same phone stuck at logo.

how to solve this ? is there ff reading problem with cm2 or what.
if someone has full dump for this phone please share with me this will max 300mb after compress and easy to upload. Thanks.