Need Help Flashing my RM-540

Hello, this will be the first time flashing my X3_00 because i got it with a branding.
So here are my questions, without them being answered, i’m not flashing this phone.

1. IS any of the flash files specific for a special product code? mine is 0597555, so can i install a firmware for example with the 0589384 product code?

2. I want to have the phones language in german, so is this going along with all flashfiles?

3. and maybe i need a proper link for a flash file, because i tried a few links, but doesn’t seem to understand which one to take.
I’ve Downloaded this: wwwDOTcpkbDOTorg/wiki/Nokia_X3-00_RM-540_firmware_data_package_download
but it’s like 5 gb of firmwares, for one phone…. with my production code which one of them should i take?

Hope it isn’t too much for you guys, still knew to this game