Need Help..Samsung galaxy young dous 6102 battery drains very quickly

Hello everybody:
its my first post in this forum(as i observe that this forum is very helpful for peoples having issues with their devices/gadgets),so therefore i am hoping to discuss my issue facing from few days,i have Samsung galaxy young duos 6102 whose battery drains very quickly,you can say in minutes even its idle or turned off,i try my best to customize all apps to very low level,turned off every data services,but still facing the same problem,i also google a lot for the issue to be solved but of no use>
any expert in this forum who knows or countered such problem,i would like to ask them to kindly sort out this for me and also tell that is this because of any hardware problem ???as i also change its battery to the new one but still no improvement…i saw on google may peoples looking for the same problems solution ,so if any dear could solve or show a way to the solution might be helpful for the others also.
i will be wait for the healthy response