Need help unbricking OT-5020a

I’ve been trying to unbrick my OT-5020a (bought in Australia) and the only useful resource I have found so far were some youtube videos and a few other forums. As I was searching for a working method I managed to find this post from 2015 in a thread named "Need alcatel 5020a firmware for sp flash tool". I followed the instructions and figured that the OTU dl url had been removed, after some googling I found what I think is the same file on mediafire. I got up to the downloading process and as the download was about to complete I got "BROM ERROR: S_DA_DRAM_NOT_SUPPORT (3004)". After getting the error I assumed it was being caused by existing files on the android (from prior attempts) so I formatted the whole android (with Bootloader) using SPF’S Auto Format, this succeeded giving me a nice green circle. I again attempted to download the files onto my android but received the same error. My second assumption was that I had downloaded a incorrect or faulty version of OTU but with no file I was unable to test it. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.