Need Help Writing a Cert on N910T 5.1.1 Software

Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910T with 5.1.1 which is not wiping. Meaning I cant write cert. Based on my searches I have done the following.
1. Wipe Security with Z3X and Octopus.
2. Reset MSL with Z3X and Octopus
3. tried downgrading to 5.0.2
4. Did the recoverycashe file flash
5. Downgrading the modem.
6. The *#9090# and/ or *#0011# to wipe the efs, still no luck.
If anyone Has a solution please help me out.
Need to get this done ASAP.

@OctopusBox @Blang

PS. I am sorry If this is in a wrong place, as far a I know this is a Samsung android based phone. If its still wrong please link to where to post.
Thank You