need stock rom for htc one mini m4_ul vodafone de

please anyone can give link to stock rom vodafone germany for htc one mini m4_ul or advise me what to do in my case :

phone is stuck on fastboot screen.
-cid num is :VODAP102 (vodafone ger (de)
-bootloader is locked
-security is on

version: 0.5
version-bootloader: 2.22.0000
version-baseband: N/A
version-cpld: None
version-microp: None
version-misc: PVT SHIP S-ON
serialno: HT38GWA01914
imei: 3558**************
product: m4_ul
platform: HBOOT-8930
modelid: PO5820000
cidnum: VODAP102
battery-status: good
battery-voltage: 4307mV
partition-layout: Generic
security: on
build-mode: SHIP
boot-mode: FASTBOOT
commitno-bootloader: dirty-0e1af350
hbootpreupdate: 11
gencheckpt: 0