New Cheater lester365 , lxkj8618 be careful

hello guy i just open this post after 24 days for waiting payment

both lester365 and lxkj8618 friends

lester365 asked me about icloud 24 hour service but he can’t send me wu

so he send me his friend lxkj8618 to deal with me for payment
he sent me 1k$ advance and i did orders for him with 1560$

last time i did work for lxkj8618 04-02-2016

till now i didnt get my 560$ and no answer from lxkj8618

lester365 told me lxkj8618 grandmother died so wait

then china new year so wait too
then he told me lxkj8618 send me money but bank refund so wait

all that and lxkj8618 see my messaged and online but no answer

always lester365 talking to me on skype and asking me for wait wait wait

now all finish his grandmother died and *** bless her
china new year finish all my china friends back work normal now and keep working

plz becarful guys from both of them and dont trust them if send u xxxk for 1st deal because this how it work make u trust and then go with ur last payment and look for another source