new headache! now the software doesnt start!

i am unable to use the software now as it gives only this error and closes! it was working fine until he last version!
i have tried everything from uninstalling all the folders and versions and reststaring the pc and installing the versions from 2.0.4 one by one and in all it gives the same error!

i check the card from infinity dongle manager and this is the log;


12/24/2015 8:40:41 PM
PC HWID: 45EF43F74BF66xxxxxx46275974348C
Card-Reader: Gemalto e-gate Smart Card 0
Card type: inf
Dongle serial No (S/N): Cxxxxx8
Firmware version: 0126.02
Dongle status: activated
"UK edition" status: Off
Last launched application: 001A v.0448
Active modules:
- 00: inf v.0126
- 0E: module #0E
Support area:
- Username: Cxxxxx9B8
- Password: ACxxxxxjx
Online Service Account:
- Username: 00Cxxxxxxx8
- Password: Axxxxxxxx
Dongle parameters checksum: AF5A52

now pls tell me how to solve this problem!

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