Nh03 flash by nck SPRD MODULE unlock done

EXE: NckBox Spreadtrum Module 0.1
ACTION: Restore FullFlash.
Writing: C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\NckMain\backup\sp d_fullflash\NH03_Unlock_File
Reading Partition info…
Detecting Firmware configuration…
Flash Size: $ 400000 Sector Size: $ 8000
Nvram Start: $ 3A0000 Nvram Size: $ 6C00
UMEM Start: $ 3F0000 UMEM Size: $ 10000
EFS Start: $ 3A8000 EFS Size: $ 58000
Plain Backup Detected.
Start Detect phone.
Remove the battery and connect handset to PC via USB cable.
After long press boot key while inserting the battery.
Keep key untill boot complete.
Detected: SCI USB2Serial (COM48)
Sending loader, keep boot key untill loader start.
Loader OK: nckTeam(2016) Beta 0.3
CPU: 6531
FlashId: WINBOND: [0x400000]W25Q32FV
Start Writing…
Total Time: 00:01:23
i waiting new coming for spreadrum csc 6531 need convert bin in pac