No answer for my info id verification!

Hi M.R jawad I posted here before abou wrong id detalis 100% "Hello mr jawad I purchased 39 credit apple id info service and result came back 100% wrong. 1st different than screenshot email. 2nd phone from germany and apple id info from usa. I tried to verify order but no verify button available.
Order id: 88531 imei: 359247067403xxx info:eras hy Appleferas hy Apple 备用 Apple ID(登录别名)不适用 地址和电话 地址 usa flornce, NY 10009 United States 日间联系电话 1-997-8989797 夜间联系电话 不适用 归档电子邮件地址 – 已验证 (主要) 出生日期
User: mousaab"

You told me to make youtube video I contaced your support via email from 1 week and sent the the youtube link and after 1 week no reply I even email them evey time to ask with no reply! Please reply my verification info asap!